Everything I Forgot While In Quarantine

Everyone seems to have realized or learned a lot of things during quarantine season so for the "unpopular opinion" here are the things that I forgot while in quarantine.

I forgot how to sleep. My sleep pattern is a little messed up right now. Before quarantine heppend, I am already asleep before the clock hits 10pm and I would always wake up at around 4:am. But after several days of quarantine....

Tingi-tinging Tula (Short Poems)

This is a compilation of 5 short poems that I made while trying to deepen my writings. I prefer reading it in the web because it's neat there and it would be easier to get the pattern of this blog. Poem is followed by short background story about where I get the idea. The language is alternating, Tagalog and English. Hope you enjoy this.

Haiku- "Eye"
Each day world gets blurred
Eyes that failed at being eyes.
Slowly getting blind.

I Already Read 8 Books This Year

Yes, I know, 8 books are not a lot, it's not a jaw-dropping amount specially to those kinds of people who reads 100 books every year. But for me, that's a ton, it already broke the record and if my math is correct, it is 800% more than last year. You are right again, I only read one book every year during summer time, because I'm too "busy" during school months.

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