I Already Read 8 Books This Year

Part 1: Blog

Yes, I know, 8 books are not a lot, it’s not a jaw-dropping amount specially to those kinds of people who reads 100 books every year. But for me, that’s a ton, it already broke the record and if my math is correct, it is 800% more than last year. You are right again, I only read one book every year during summer time, because I’m too “busy” during school months.

For specifics, I don’t really have one. Although my initial aim was to copy those YouTubers who reads a book every week, as I assess myself during my first, I quickly realized that I cannot accomplish that kind of task because I’m too slow at reading and I have other things to do that interferes with my focus. After that I didn’t even try to set another goal ’cause I know it won’t be realistic and it will be super unattainable again that might eventually demotivate me if I don’t achieve them. So I just settled to simply just read more books whenever I can.

But why did I decide to read more books in the first place? First, I’m bored in the house, —in the house bored, bored in the house, bore in the house, bored—bored like hell. Second, if you haven’t read my previous blog, I said there that I hated reading when I was growing up but after trying, I eventually liked it. So I think it has something to do with wanting to make up to those years of refusing to read books. And lastly, I want to gain more, more knowledge, more insights, and more life lessons from all the non-fiction books and fictions as well.

I may not remember all the words that are written in these books, but surely I’ve gained something, it may be in the form of language, in the form of writing, in attitude towards people, or a life lesson that would prepare me in the future. Something that will pop up in my mind whenever I’m facing a certain situation in life. They will come to save my day. I believe that you’ll never really lose in reading though some might say time but I don’t think so. I always believe in the power of reading, it has the capability to change people’s lives and it can influence or rather make or break the whole notion of the society.

A piece of advice to those who’s planning on reading more books, just don’t stress yourself out because you would end up not reading anything. Just set a more realistic goal, one that is not super high, and choose a book in the genre that you like. Start with one book every two months if you’re not originally into reading then gradually increase your goal into a book every month, to a book every two weeks until you eventually end up to a book a week.

Part 2: Not A Book Review

Here’s the list

You can read about Twilight in my previous blog

I’ve Just Finished The Twilight Series — Waiting For Midnight sun

It was fun reading the whole thing. I never thought I’d be hooked into it this much because first, it is an old book and second I already know the story, thanks to the films. But reading it is a different kind of experience, the twilight world suddenly just got bigger and I learned more about the characters that I wouldn’t know even after watching the series a hundred times. Also, there are lots of scenes that happened in the book that are not included or altered in the film wich makes it worth the time.

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How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie is the second book that I’ve finished this year. “Finish” because I started it early 2019 and I just had the will to actually read it this year. What dragged me into reading this book is a YouTuber that recommends it in one of his vlog, the title is very catchy so I give it a try. This book is a good read, it is actually the first self-help book that I’ve ever read in my entire life and honestly it is very interesting. It’s like fiction, there are lots of real life stories or events that the author use as an example of the principle being discussed in the chapter and that make it worth reading—at least for me. The contents of the book justifies the title really well, although this book is old, I think it is still relevant today—I mean, how would it still be a best seller if not—because I’ve tried to apply some of the principles myself and I’ve seen it work like magic.

Next stop is The Solution To Social Anxiety by Dr. Aziz Gazipura. This book is helpful, for sure, but it is pretty boring to read. I have no idea that self-help books could be this boring since I really enjoyed my first one. I don’t know if I remembered this right because my mind is flying whenever I’m reading this, but as far as I can, this book doesn’t contain much stories which is essential in maintaining my attention. I did learn something from this book, though, like for example, “I’m am not responsible for everyone’s feeling” or something which I can use whenever I need to reject something or someone.

The last non-Twilight book that I’ve read so far this year is Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. This book contains lots of F*ck so if you’re not into those, you should back up right now. Luckily I’m not so I enjoyed reading this book, F words makes it more like talking to a real person than just reading a book which can be boring at some point. This book talks about living a good life and not giving a F*ck at everything and it is not one of those books that you read and forget after. There’s a lot of good life lessons and realizations that I got from this book, one of those is choosing the type of suffering that we should be giving our Fs in life because “Life is a form of suffering in itself” so might as well choose wisely.

I’m planning to read more so stay tuned.

My current reads is:
The Emperor Of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee, my plan is to DNF this book but I find it entertaining enough to continue reading specially because I’m on pre-med right now. Let’s just see if I will stick to my original plan.

Future reads
-My next would definately be fiction, it’s either Armada by Ernest Cline or Wicked Deep by Shea Earnshaw (Recommended by @paperbacknymph )

If you are wondering why these are all English books, here’s a little history before we part ways. Late 2015, I started reading Tagalog stories from wattpad but in early 2016, I started to feel like every story is the same so I deleted that app. I ended up reading published English book because I’m also hoping that I could improve my English and grammar.

This is my longest blog so far and I would like to end this with a quote from Sigmund Freud that I read in Mark Manson’s book and my favorite quote from Dale Carnegies’s how to win friends… These quotes serves as my daily mantra as well.

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”
Sigmund Freud
Let’s realise that criticisms are like homing pigeons. They always return home. Let’s realise that the person we are going to correct and condemn will probably justify himself or herself, and condemn us in return.
Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

I know I’m not good in english, grammar, and my punctuation is terrible. And I am not good at writing either, sorry for wasting your time. Feel free to comment, no need to sign up.

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  1. I used to be an avid reader. I still enjoy reading, but not so much anymore. There are too many other things calling for my attention, so I’ve read very few books this year. I’m in an online “classic literature” group, and some members seem to be finishing a book every day or two. I admire their voracity for reading classics, yet at the same time I wonder… “Do they have a life?” Another thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that I don’t “stick with” books so much. What I mean is that where in the past I’ve read a book all the way through, I find now that if I’m not really enjoying the story, I’ll just put it aside. So, along with the few books I’ve read this year, I have a list of books I started to read but never finished. I did sign up for our library’s adult summer reading program. I’m not getting too far though. 🙂 I just finished The Island of Dr. Moreau — interesting read — and I’m not reading Treasure Island. That’s my childhood favorite, and I re-read it every summer. I am definitely enjoying it again.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing🤩🥰😍 and for visiting my blog.🥰 This is such an awesome comment.😍 I’m also wondering about how could people read a book everyday, that must have talken all their life.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Hello Jan Paul, thanks for dropping a like on my blog. Appreciated. I have that Mark Manson book on my kindle app, unread. I read a lot in my school years (but we didn’t have tv until I was nearly a teenager). In High School, I’d get a new book nearly every day. When choice was hard, I’d decide on a set of numbers as I walked in – like the 10th bookcase, 5th shelf, 12th book – and I had to take it no matter what. I still get a funny look from librarians if I do it. These days, it’s all kindle app on my tablet. All the best for your reading journey.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah no problem. Mark Manson’s book is good, give it a try.😁 That looks fun, I might have laughed if I was the librarian hehe. Having books is better than having a tv or netflix subscription for a child really. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.😍

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats bro! Madami na ‘yong 8 books ‘no! Natawa ako sa bored in the house, napakanta ako lol. Btw, nabasa ko na rin ‘yong The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, super solid read! May Book 2 ‘yon eh, pero ‘di ko pa siya nababasa. Ganda ng idea that shit really happens in life and we need to embrace it. Masaya ako para sa milestone mo, nice blog entry! Ingat palagi.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks sa support🥰😍 hahaha mahilig ako manood ng tiktok kaya yung mga kanta paulit ulit na sa utak ko hahaha😂😂 thank you😄😄 ingat din😇


      1. Hahaha. Ako naman natatawa sa f*ck, weird. hahaha. Thank you🥰😍 medyo nahinto ako ngayon dahil sa pinapanood kong series lol. Thanks a lot🥰😍🥰


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