Tingi-tinging Tula (Short Poems)

Hi! So you’ve come across this blog, but before you begin, let me explain to you what this is. This is a compilation of 5 short poems that I made while practising depth in writing, though I’m sure I failed miserably I still want to share it to you cause you’re important to me. Hehe. I prefer reading it in the web because it’s neat there and it’s easier to get the pattern of this blog. Here’s a link directed to my site Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.) The Poem is followed by a short background story about where I get the idea. The language is alternating, Tagalog and English. Reminder: Do not reproduce. Hope you enjoy this.

Haiku- “Eye”

By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T)

Each day world gets blurred
Eyes that failed at being eyes.
Slowly getting blind.

My inspiration for this is an eye disease/disorder that slowly takes away the sight of the patient. The second line of this poem is from a film, I think it’s from The Fault In Our Stars but I can’t find the exact scene of that. Fun fact: this is my first English poem.

“Tinig Na May Lalim”

By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T)

Mga salitang walang laman.
Tinig man ay kaylakas,
Walang tinatamaan.
Diretsong tumatagos,
Bulong na naglalaho.

Anong kapangyarihang taglay?
Boses na kayhina,
Milyong tao ang nakatutok.
Sinubok ang mundo,
kinayang pabagsakin.
Pamahalaang baluktot.

Wala sa isip ko ang pamahalaan nung ginagawa ko ang tulang ito kaya wala talagang koneksyon ang pamahalaan dito, pakiramdam ko lang ay yun ang tamang salita para sa tulang ito. Pero open for reader’s interpretation ang tulang ito kaya i-intrepret niyo sa kung paano niyo ito naiintindihan.

“Loneliest Hour”

By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T)

Loneliest hour
Is when we’re apart.
Longing for you,
And your finger’s touch.
Thrilled to listen to your heart,
Screaming my name with every beat.

Thirst filled throat,
Craving your lips pressing mine.
Wanting to feel your breath
Sending chills down to my spine.
In this dreamy twilight sky,
Is where I’m dying to see your silhouette
And as this hour stretch,
My body starts to shake

Now here I am keeping my mind occupied,
Planning the night ahead.
The night we’re going to spend

Nothing fancy background story here, it’s one of those poem that just pops up in your head and you can’t help but to write it even in the middle of the night.

“Paghawak Sa Bigas”

By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T)

Anong kabalintunan na sa higpit ng hawak ay may nakatakas?
Kamay na kaylapad tukop na tukop ang bigas.
Anong kabalintunaan na ang malapad na kamay ay tadtad ng butas?
Isang pisil,
Siguradong may lalabas.
Isa pang pisil,
At tatagas ang bigas.

Anong kabalintunaan na sa pagluwag ng hawak?
Mga bigas ay nanantili.
Kuntento sa bisig.
Walang ibang sinasabi.
Kalmadong kalmado.

Balanseng higpit at luwag,
Siyang susi sa paghawak ng bigas.

Nakuha ko ang idea mula sa isang episode ni kuya will nung nag message ang isang contestant. Ikinumpara niya ang paghawak ng bigas sa kung paanon niya inaalagaan ang kanyang anak. Matagal ko na napanood yon pero tumatak yung idea sa akin kaya nagawan ko pa ng tula ngayon.


By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T)

Take what you heart beats.
Break free from regrets obtained
from course not chosen

Another haiku for you. This is for all college students who are taking a course that they are just forced to take and not because they wanted it.


The End
Thank You

Please let me know which one you like the most. Thank you for having the patience in reading all of these poems, I know you got bored at some point but you continued anyway and I wanna thank you for that. It really means a lot to me. Also let me know if you see some mistakes. Till next week, ciao!

here’s a link directed to my site Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.) Please do not reproduce. You can Reblog but only an excerpt or choose only the part that you like and give proper credits. Thanks

The freatured image and the first photo is mine taken at Sagada. The rest is free from Pexels.com.

Copyright © By JAN PAUL and J.P.D.T, 2017-2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to JAN PAUL and  Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.) with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

© 2020 Jan Paul (J.P.D.T). All Rights Reserved.


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