Reminds Me Of You

Hey! What is up readers? I’m back again Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.) bringing another poem, because this week is poetry week. “Reminds Me Of You” is a bit short, so this will be a part of “Tingi-tinging Tula (Short Poems)” that means I’m putting a link to all of my short poems. I hope you enjoy this one.


“Reminds Me Of You”

By Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.)

Raging winds ended.
Rain stops pouring.
Inexorable chaos,
Now came to a sudden halt.

Misty air casting color,
Rainbow forms in vast sky of blue.
Beam of light scatter,
Beyond the prism glass it passes through.

Chirping birds leaving their nest,
Wings spread wide open.
Kids Running at their wildest,
Eager to see the sun returning.

All these remind me of you.
Your favorite shirt.
Painted with every color in hue.
Shading under the tree
Reading the book that I gave you.
Unbothered by the noise
Exploring a world that is so new.

You are so you.
Forever the girl I always loved and knew.

The End
Thank You!

Admit it! You hate it, I know that because I do. I kind of just throw any word that I see fit. Although I have the vision, I don’t have an actual plan for this. Besides that, is my second English Poem that I’ve finished so I don’t know if my grammar is correct or the words are the perfect one for it, I don’t even know if the title is correct. This is my shortest post since I came back. I was trying to look for a tree that has a girl sitting under it from all sites that offers free photos but I can’t find any. hehe. This poem is actually the first English poem that I started writing, but I wasn’t able to finish it so I shelved it for a long time. This is fiction, I just think of single word then buildS a poem out of that. I am planning on creating a separate category for my short poems, but for the meantime, I will just be linking my other poetries here. Before we part ways, be sure to check out my site because I’ve made some updates to it. That’s all. Til next week. Ciao!

I know You Hate It But In Case You Don’t
Here Are My Other Short Poems


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