I Thought I Don’t Procastinate

I don’t procrastinate…or so I thought….I am just constantly feeding myself a lie to not feel guilty over the fact that I don’t want to do anything.
Hey! What’s up readers I’m back again Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.) bringing another blog for you this week.

I am not a procrastinator. That word didn’t even exist in my entire, but still very limited vocabulary. It has just recently been added when I entered college, when I always hear my blockmates, my professors and even Youtubers that I am following speak that word too often. I was totally clueless at first about what that word meant and I didn’t even bother to figure it out because I thought it was too irrelevant to my study. I just shrugged it off and justified by saying “not knowing everything is healthier sometimes.”

But after spending a few good weeks or months with my college friends, I started to feel like I was being left out of the conversation, especially when they were talking about it, that word always sparks a ton of laugh from people around. My friends were laughing at each other and when they turned to me, I was just there, sitting and faking my own laugh while screaming inside “WTF am I laughing at? Is the joke on me or is it something super non-senses bull’s pee?”

While “we” were having a good laugh, I quietly told myself, “this needs to stop. I gotta know what that word meant” So I made a very subtle movement to slowly pick up my phone from my pocket and I opened google as soon as the phone lighted up. In another quick gesture, I typed the word “Procrastinate.” And to my luck, they didn’t see me do it so I was safe. I read the definition and after that, I let out a sigh of relief, then ignored it immediately because I “know” I am not that kind of person, and that they are not talking and laughing about me.

I am performing well at school, I am a typical student who’s afraid to have a red mark on his card. My grades are good, not the highest, not the lowest, just average enough so that the university won’t decide to kick me out. But my self-affirmation that I am not a procrastinator is I’ve never let myself do nothing while my works/reading assignments are waiting for my attention. I do not want to waste any second doing something that won’t have a benefit for me in the long run.

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At this point of the blog, you may be starting to picture me as the epitome of a hardworking student, the dream child of your parents, or the next Jeff Bezos. I could agree with that, but please hold your thoughts for a second because the reality doesn’t agree with us my dear friend. I still procrastinate, just in a very different way. I am just constantly feeding myself a lie to not feel guilty over the fact that I don’t want to do anything in life.

I noticed something strange during this quarantine because while we were being constantly bombarded with homework by our professors while my blockmates are all complaining, saying nasty words in our GC. While they were all raging over the amount of assignments that our professors were giving us. I was just here chilling and reading all their rants…. Whaatt? Yes, because I’ve already submitted my works. lol

That is because I procrastinate late. I am a late procrastinator. My mantra became “Do it now, Procrastinate later”

Do it now. Procrastinate Later.

What does that mean? It means that I will do my works as soon as they gave it and I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible, no matter how crappy my work turns out.

I do this because I hate it when I am watching a series, reading, or even playing my favorite video game then suddenly out of nowhere my homework would suddenly pop up in my head and I would feel guilty for playing instead of working. I always hate it when I can’t fully enjoy what I am doing at the moment because of that unfinished business that I have. So to fix that, I always do everything the very day the task has been given to me. I don’t care if the results are bad as long as I am free of responsibilities, that’s fine for me.

If you are wondering if it is a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I cannot speak for other people, but there is a video of TED talks that I watched saying that early and late procrastination yields a similar low result and that the only way to have the best result is to do it in between the time of the announcement and deadline. But as for my personal experience. It’s been working on me for a very long time now. I don’t experience a decrease in grades, although as I have said earlier, It’s very average.

Am I planning on changing this habit? Not really, I am good with it. So what is the point of this blog then? All I wanted to say is that if this type of procrastination does not suit you, you might want to rethink over and over again because you won’t achieve anything.

That’s all for this week. As always, I will be leaving a quote from someone and a quote from this blog post. Thank you so much for speding some time in my blog.

I am just constantly feeding myself a lie to not feel guilty over the fact that I don’t want to do anything in life.

Jan Paul (J.P.D.T.)

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” 


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42 thoughts on “I Thought I Don’t Procastinate

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  1. Jan Paul, thank you for this, it made me smile. But yes I know what you mean, I did that at University, until I was caught out by the Lecturer changing the rules in the last week of classes, after I had already handed in the assessment. That taught me.
    But in truth, yes if I can I do asap, what ever it is, that way, has you said, stops it popping up and waving “Do Me”.
    Thanks for the post again.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you too for reading my blog. It really means a lot to me. I’m glad that I could make you smile with.🥰😍🤩 It’s a bad habit but it’s fun lol. We could spend more time for ourselves.🥰😍🤩

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed your take on procrastination and for as long as I can remember I’ve had the attitude, ‘let’s get this done!’ Not saying that I’m a perfectionist and on occasion I have put things off. If there is one thing that gets me, it is filling out forms. That is my Achilles heel. Great post!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. First I agree with “desertcurmudgeon” your writing is better than you think, but the more you do write, the better you will get at it! I’ve been journaling for years, a couple of decades actually, and that has assisted me in my writing skills. As long as you present yourself as yourself, it will be fine.
    Now regarding your posting……I am a procrastinator….especially now that I am retired. When I worked I was always disciplined, I was a professional. Now…….another story….however I am dealing with it.
    This was a great posting……thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

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