Best Known For Nothing, Really.

J.P.D.T is composed of trillions of cells, a human and a permanent habitant of Earth. Just like everyone on this planet, he has a brain inside his skull that is totally useless in anything.

What Are My Contents?


I write blogs, I don’t usually use technical terms in my blogs because my brain malfunctions whenever I’m trying to. I talk mostly about experiences in life, it could be past or present, it depends on what comes into my mind. Random thoughts that I want to share. Books, that I’ve read, not necessarily book review, more like my insights and what I’ve gained from it. I’m planning on making some travel blogs too, but I rarely travel so you might have to wait a little longer for that.


It started with Wattpad, I wanted to try writing stories so I did but I have not posted anything yet. Coming soon


Just a noobie, I started writing poetries way back in 2016 and I’ve posted some of them in 2017 here in my site. What dragged me into this is when spoken word poetries became a thing back then, when all of a sudden, your friend became a poet. I really just wannted to try it but I ended up enjoying them.

Photographs not “phy”

Photographs not “phy’ because photography by definition is the art of taking picture and clearly there’s no art here. I’m planning on posting some of the my photographs that I think good.

When Can You Expect Updates?
What Language?

Weekly post, that is because I want a quality content for you (by “quality” I mean longer post, more words. )My content is mostly non-sense thoughts and poetries. I’m writing stories but I’ve never published one. New post every Monday, Philippine time (GMT+8). Wondering of how would you know what kind of post I’ll be posting next? You can check my latest post and if it is a blog then you can expect a poetry. Because I do alternating post between the two categories right now. My blogs are always written in English, poetries and stories could be Filipino and English


My Header Is A Photo I Took In Aurora, Philippines

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