Everything I Forgot While In Quarantine

Everyone seems to have realized or learned a lot of things during quarantine season so for the "unpopular opinion" here are the things that I forgot while in quarantine.

I forgot how to sleep. My sleep pattern is a little messed up right now. Before quarantine heppend, I am already asleep before the clock hits 10pm and I would always wake up at around 4:am. But after several days of quarantine....

I Already Read 8 Books This Year

Yes, I know, 8 books are not a lot, it's not a jaw-dropping amount specially to those kinds of people who reads 100 books every year. But for me, that's a ton, it already broke the record and if my math is correct, it is 800% more than last year. You are right again, I only read one book every year during summer time, because I'm too "busy" during school months.

I’ve Just Finished The Twilight Series — Waiting For Midnight sun

It was fun reading the whole thing. I never thought I'd be hooked into it this much because first, it is an old book and second I already know the story, thanks to the films. But reading it is a different kind of experience, the twilight world suddenly just got bigger and I learned more about the characters that I wouldn't know even after watching the series a hundred times. Also, there are lots of scenes that happened in the book that are not included or altered in the film wich makes it worth the time.

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